Raymond Chau specialized in Urban Design during his undergraduate study in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo. His education has trained his eyes and hands for designing new spaces, while balancing his focus towards the economic, social, environmental and political realms. From his Co-op work experiences in various Canadian municipalities, Raymond strived for the improvement of places not only through urban design, but also by generating new programs for waste management, environmental protection and transit planning.

After undergraduate study, Raymond practiced as an Urban Designer in EDAW|AECOM in Guangzhou, in which he worked on projects ranging from masterplanning to streetscape design in cities across China. The two years of work has affirmed his passion in becoming a designer, particularly in the architecture scale. He believes the practice allowed him to be a true artist in expressing his creative ability to improve people’s lives and tackle local challenges in a rapidly globalizing world.

In 2013, Raymond graduated from the Master of Architecture program at Washington University in St. Louis. Through his study, he has diversified his methodologies in conceptualizing, analyzing, formalizing and reiterating his design ideas, as well as to approach design challenges with criticality in thinking and rigor in craft. His academic achievement and design excellence is affirmed by his reception of the Frederick Widmann Prize, which is awarded to the top architectural student in the University.Throughout his study, he also provided teaching assistance for the first-year core studio.

A complete Curriculum Vitae is available by request.